Jinks | Custom Tattoos in Toronto
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Jinks Art Factory

Where creativity and coffee combine

Toronto’s first tattoo coffee shop

Established May 2012 


Try our handcrafted coffee, baked goods and sandwiches. Eat in, Take out or have us delivered on Uber.


Book an appointment with our experienced artist and realize your vision in a warm, safe and professional space.

Art Factory

Need a turnkey space for your next event? Try our fully staffed and catered service in the heart of Parkdale.

This place is really unique. Think of it as the lovechild of a cozy indie coffee shop and a badass tattoo parlour. - YELP

You’re not seeing double, we are identical twins!

Sarah (a.k.a Coffee Boss)

Sarah is the coffee shop boss but essentially she makes all of Jinks run smoothly every day.  She does everything around the shop, but tattoo. Sarah is passionate and full of positivity. As a natural leader she has the ability to motivate the cafe team and inspire them to create awesome coffees and food.  Since 2012, Jinks has become a daytime Parkdale watering hole. Instead of serving up beer, Jinks has brought people together over great cups of coffee. Providing friendly service in a casual and comfortable environment where everyone is welcome is Sarah’s mission.

Jen (a.k.a. Tattoo Boss)

Jen is the resident tattoo artist.  Learning the art of tattooing had always been a life long dream and in October 2009 she was given the opportunity to make it a reality. Jen continually dedicates hours expanding her knowledge and experience of the tattoo art form.  As a well rounded artist in both colour and black and grey she enjoys making tattoos in many styles and loves a good challenge. Jen’s favourite subject matters to tattoo are flowers and animals.  The Tattoo shop is tucked away in the back of Jinks. The sounds of the busy cafe are present, however, Jen provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for all of her clients.  

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